Review: Angels of Destruction

Angels of Dest, Cover

Margaret Quinn lives alone, quietly mourning the disappearance of her only child, who fled ten years earlier to join a radical student group know as the Angels of Destruction.

On a cold winter’s night, a nine year old girl arrives on Margaret’s doorstep, claiming to be an orphan with no place to go. This child beguiles Margaret, and together they hatch a allan to pass her off as her newly found granddaughter, Norah Quinn.

Their conspiracy is made vulnerable by Norah’s magical revelations to the children of the town, and by a lone figure shadowing the girl, who threatens to reveal the child’s true identity and purpose. Who are these strangers really? And what is their connection to the past, the Angels, and Margaret’s long missing daughter?

Angels of Destruction is an unforgettable story of hope and fear, heartache and redemption. The saga of the Quinn family unfolds against an America wracked by change. As it delicately dances on the line between the real and the imagined, this mesmerizing new novel confirms Keith Donohue’s standing as one of our most inspiring and inventive novelists.

I had good hopes for this book, and even though it was a great read  it just didn’t deliver. The characters were great but the plot loses focus and jumps around a lot. I kept waiting for something to happen….and waiting…..and waiting etc. It does have a very heart tugging story line. Margaret having lost her daughter to a radical high school boyfriend is heart breaking. So you can imagine her waiting to take care of Norah as her own. I’d give this book 2 1/2 to 3 stars.


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