Review: The Will of Wisteria

the will of wisteria, cover

Four headstrong siblings must satisfy their father’s dying demands- or risk losing his fortune.


Charleston blue blood Clayton Wilcott “got religion” late in life; so late, it turns out his kids never took to it. So he’s left a provisional will delivered in a highly unorthodox way. Now they have to honor Daddy’s commandments from beyond the grave-for a full year-orbs cut off from their substantial inheritances. The scent of wisteria lingers in the air as the four spoiled Wilcotts battle for their birthright. Told in Denise Hildreth’s trademark blend of humor and heart, this Southern tale is about learning to love, to live, and learning to bend. This is a unique page-turner about the beauty of a place called Wisteria.

About the Author

Denise Hildreth is a novelist and international speaker. Her first novel, Savannah from Savannah, and her recent novel, Flies on the Butter were both featured in Southern Living. Three of her novels have been Pulpwood Queens Book Club Selections. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee.


Denise Hildreth Jones is an author and Bible Study teacher. Her books have been hailed as “smart and witty” by The Library Journal and featured twice in Southern Living. She lives in Franklin, Tennessee, with her husband, five bonus children, and her dog where she leads Reclaiming Hearts Ministries. Visit her at

This book had me hooked from the very first chapter! This book starts to work on your heart from the first chapter and continues to do so even after you have read the last line. It’s about family, love, and never getting back those times missed out on. I loved getting to know each sibling as they work their way through their troubles and demands of  their father’s last wishes.  It was a very quick read and kept me wanting more. Even after I finished the book i wish there was more to it or even a sequel. The characters in this book almost each needed a book of their own.  The only complaint I had was that not all four of the siblings were really explained. The youngest brother had a very small part in the story I felt that more information was needed with this character. Overall I gave this book 4 stars!


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