Review: Trish, Just Trish

Trish, Just Trish, cover

Author’s warning: Including, but not limited to: a deep, dark childhood, lots and lots of cussing (as in, A LOT), a ton of fighting, maybe hair pulling, a bitch with a vulnerable side, and last, but not least, über possessive, over obsessive, crazy hot alpha males on the verge of needing therapy… and maybe a tear or two. 

Patricia Grace Kincaid is haunted by her past and no matter what she does, the ghosts won’t stay away. A childhood incident nearly ruined her life. A mistake that she made two years ago ripped her to shreds. She isn’t the same feisty, fearless bitch she used to be… or is she? 

What will happen when the person she screwed over storms back into her life? She freaks. Is it for the reason she’s always hoped for… that Tony Lopez, the breathtakingly sexy Latino love of her life, has finally decided to forgive her? Hell no. Will he demand her complete submission? Yes. Will he make her life hell? Double yes. Will she, in return, torture him? Hell-to-the-yes. Will her past come back to haunt her? Absolutely.

       IMG_0787Where to start….. Once again just like the first book in this series, I was immediately hooked. I read both books in one sitting. i did like this book better then the first. It had more of a plot line with Trish’s past. Her boyfriend in this book is extremely aggressive, possessive and borderline abusive. Now I don’t mind reading these types of books but i just kept thinking to myself that no woman in her right mind would stay with a guy like Tony. This couple have had their problems with fault on both sides. They have been split up for some time when circumstances force them back together. Tony is determined to protect Trish, but he cannot seem to keep the foul comments from falling out of his mouth. That right there was my problem with this story, plus Trish’s tolerance of this. Her usual feisty take no nonsense attitude that was front and center in the first book, seemed to have disappeared here.  Overall I hated the way Tony would treat Trish. Yes, they had some good parts in this book and seemed to reconnect but Tony just just an alpha JERK!

Rating: 3 Stars!

3 Star

About the author

Lynda LeeAnne is a wife, mother of two extremely handsome little boys, and step-mother to a very beautiful preteen. She works a full-time job in Corporate America and writes every spare second she’s allowed, in-between breaking up fights between her kids. She was born and raised in different areas of Houston, Texas.


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