My Little Rant!

Ok, so here goes……Now i’m normally pretty quiet and keep to myself but the bullying and harassing in the blogging and Indie author community is out of control! With that said there was a post going around about a blogger that is charging authors to post promos! That is crazy! I LOVE helping authors anyway I can, If you need something posted or reviewed please don’t hesitate to contact me! I will NEVER charge you for anything! I am so grateful just for the fact that I get the chance to read your books! You as authors give me the entertainment I crave when it comes to reading! I am on several different street teams and I love all of them! I don’t ask for hand outs, I just like getting the sneak peeks of up coming books and getting the chance to meet some great people! I want to thank all of the authors that i have had the chance to work with and for! And by work i don’t mean i get paid! Everything I post I do it because I want to. Feel free to contact me for ANYTHING!



I am putting together a weekly schedule that way you all will know what I will be posting on certain days!

Monday Madness: Author Promos, Excerpts, Q&A, Book recommendations, Pretty much anything goes!

Teaser Tuesday: Author teaser pics

Pimp Post Wednesdays: Authors, Bloggers, P.A.’s, Street Teams

Thursday Reviews: I will post a weekly review of current books I am reading

Freebie Friday: I will find current free reads on amazon and post them throughout the day. I will also post $0.99 sales that i find as well!

As always I want to thank everyone who has kept up with me and for all the support I’ve been shown being a new blogger!



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