Cover Reveal


Release Date: April 1st 2015
Author: Jodie Jacobs
Designer: HT Designs
Genre: Erotic short


Join Damon and Miss J for the third installment of the Lessons in Lust series.

their hot menage over, Damon has a treat in store for Miss J. Wanting
to surprise her with a gift that is sure to heighten her pleasure, Damon
is determined to make Miss J scream like she never has before. It all
starts with a special treat for his sinful teacher.


Lessons in Lust is a hot, short story erotica series centered around two
main characters, Damon and Miss Toni Jordan, Miss J. Things get super
hot and spicy between the two over the last couple of weeks of Damon’s
senior schooling.
This series involves M/F, M/M/F and M/F/F explicit sex.

Book One
✩ – Crazy Daisy Book Whore
“This is a freaking HOT read! It’s sure to melt your panties right off!” 

Purchase Links:

Amazon US / UK / AU / CA 

Book Two
We Stole Your Book Boyfriend
I swear Jodie can write some serious hotness and it seems to be getting hotter and better as the books go on!”

Amazon US / UK / AU / CA

You can reach Jodie on her Facebook page and her website.


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